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Team Shelby - The Kids Are Alright

WE PULL OUT OF SHELBY and he mashes the gas pedal, I have my eye to the lens, I'm afraid to look, the acceleration is loud and hard, snatching the gears, 1, 2, 3…

I can barely hold myself up to shoot… I feel the speed.. then slowing as we approach the traffic light. I take a breath, wow. I'm riding with Jim Marietta, part of the Original Venice Crew in one of the 460 horsepower continuation Shelby's prototype, it weighs nothing, there's no carpet, this is all car. He's grinning from ear to ear.

These continuation Shelby's are built by the original crew that first created them at the 1042 Princeton Ave facility in Venice. This is living history. These are the guys. Peter Brock, Ted Sutton, Jim Marietta. This is the only historic vehicle in the world that is hand assembled by the original crew.

They start with a K Code Mustang chassis and turn it into an honest to goodness Shelby. Every Shelby was unique back then, we were changing the cars everyday, improving, modifying, evolving them. The first car had riveted windows, we ran it and didn't like it, I drilled out the rivets, put in a sliding window, but it stuck a little… Jim laughs, customers come and want a Shelby, but “Which Day”? Carroll would sell the same car 5 times… We hired painters from the corner and had them mixing paint, we needed parts… we went to the hardware store on the corner. Need a larger opening in the core support.. get my hacksaw. We were learning as we went along.

These Continuations are the evolution from years of experience. Today we are making the Shelby cars the way they should be. After we make your car, Rick Titus and John Morton will take you to Willow Springs race track for the day showing and teaching you what it will do. Probably the hardest part of ownership is convincing your wife you need a Shelby. If that part is done… What are you waiting for?


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