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Team Shelby - Cobra Experience

By Evan Klein

It was 1972, Drew Serb had the choice of a big block Corvette or a small block Cobra. Making that difficult choice is what started the Cobra journey.

It's not only a real passion for the Cobra itself, but it's created lifelong friendships, and a need to share the wonderful experiences we've had with the cars themselves. Drew's daughter Emily runs the museum and keeps everything in check.

According Emily Lambert, “Currently we are the self-appointed ambassadors to tell the world that Shelby was the only guy to win the World Manufacturer's Championship for the USA ever! No one had done it prior, and no one has done it since. The passion has grown from a part time hobby to a full-time commitment.

The Cobra Experience is a Northern California non-profit museum committed to the promotion, conservation, education and preservation of the cars produced by Shelby American. In creating the museum, it is allowing us to share the love and passion for these cars with the next generation.

In 2005, this journey grew into a restoration shop with five full time people working to restore original Cobras. Most people don't realize that the original cars are hand built from .050 aluminum and takes nearly 1,000 man hours to completely restore one.

We don't rush, we take our time. We have wooden bucks, old English wheels, we do it just like they did back in the day.

The facility is really a window to the history of the Cobra, with only 998 original Cobra's made, you can understand the magic.”


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