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Team Shelby - Heart of the Community

Carroll Shelby envisioned a place where all enthusiasts, regardless of the vehicle they owned, could enjoy it through a community of likeminded individuals. The club he founded in 2008, Team Shelby, is the embodiment of that vision.

“Shelby American certainly represents Carroll's body of work and the Carroll Shelby Foundation reflects his soul,” said Aaron Shelby, Board Member of Carroll ShelbyInternational and Co-President of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “Team Shelby has become the heart of the Shelby enthusiast community. Everyone at Shelby is so grateful to Tracey Smith, her crew and the many club members who work hard to make the organization so successful. They unite this community through camaraderie, experiences and the sheer joy of fast motoring. I'm proud to be a member.”

The club is open to all Shelby enthusiasts past and present, including those who own cars built in the 1960s.

“We celebrate Shelby vehicles of every era, from the Shelby Cobras that won world championships in the 1960s to the latest cars to wear the Shelby GT500 and Super Snake badges,” noted Tracey Smith, International Director of Team Shelby. “But ownership of a Shelby is not required. You just need to embrace the spirit of the club. Filled with fun and friends, we strive to create memories that people will treasure forever.”

2022 will be very busy as it will mark the 60th anniversary of Shelby American. The club will support celebrations of this milestone across the globe. These range from the iconic Team Shelby Bash in Las Vegas to VIP Experiences in Monterey, track days in Michigan and even participation at the Le Mans Classic vintage race in France. Unequalled access, celebrity appearances and miles of great driving are hallmarks of Team Shelby events.

Charity fundraising and awareness campaigns are also key parts of Team Shelby.

“Carroll Shelby was deeply committed to supporting charity and that is a cornerstone of the club,” stated Scott Black, a member of the Team Shelby club leadership. “While many of our activities support the Carroll Shelby Foundation and JDRF, club members worldwide raise money and attend events that benefit local charities. Carroll often said that car people were the most generous group in the world and Team Shelby certainly demonstrates that trait.”

The club continues to grow with members and chapters across the US and internationally.

“No other club packs more into its membership than Team Shelby,” explained Smith. “In addition to having chapters and members worldwide to share experiences, club benefits include online Member Forums, an active Facebook community and access to many events such as VIP Experiences, track days, national and regional gatherings, cruises, car shows and more. And best of all, we have so much fun doing it together.”


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