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Team Shelby Code Of Conduct

Carroll Shelby founded Team Shelby as a place where enthusiasts could gather and talk about cars, trucks and sometimes, life in general. He wanted everyone to enjoy their time here celebrating the brand and community that he built.

Our goal is to keep the passion strong as we share what it means to be a Shelby enthusiast. People come here to enjoy themselves and their automotive passion. Please respect everyone and adhere the following Code of Conduct below. 

  1. Let’s keep it positive
  2. Observe the golden rule
  3. If you have nothing good to say, then please say nothing; i.e., if you don’t like a car, motor, etc., that someone posts, then just skip that post
  4. No posting links to other competitive forums
  5. While members can advertise personal items for sale in the Classifieds forum, only authorized sponsors can advertise here
  6. No bashing Shelby or Ford Motor Company; this does not mean you cannot criticize, but it must be done in a tasteful and constructive manner
  7. If the issue is personal, (i.e., you didn’t receive a part, etc.), then take it to the person who can help you; if they don’t respond, take it to a higher level and don’t post it here!
  8. No cussing, nudity or demeaning pictures of men or women; we are a family site
  9. If you won’t say it or show it to your mother, then don’t post it here
  10. No political or religious discussions; while we do not want to curb your right to free speech, those types of threads go sideways quickly
  11. Please respect others; this includes the staff at Shelby International, Shelby American and fellow users of this forum
  12. No spam; yes, as hard as we try, it will happen - if you see it, report it

Thank you for being part of our community and enjoy the forums! 

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