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Fiberglass Body

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Aluminum Body

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A piece of this sports car's "DNA" is part of every subsequent Shelby vehicle

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Availability In

  • • Shelby hand laid fiberglass.
  • • Shelby hand formed aluminum.


  • • 3-inch diameter DOM steel frame.
  • • Upper transverse leaf w with lower arms, independent front and rear suspension.
  • • 1"x11-7/16" OD disc, dual piston Shelby caliper, standard front brakes
  • • 3/4 x 11-7/16" OD disc, dual piston Shelby calipers, standard rear brakes.


  • • Shelby vinyl, leather optional seats.
  • • Shelby custom black carpeting.
  • • 15" hard-spoke wire wheels.
    (Tire sizes and specifications based on availability.)

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Wheels GT

This Street Cobra took the sports car world by storm when it was introduced by Carroll Shelby and his band of hot rodders in 1962. Shelby American took the AC “Ace” chassis, inserted a new small block Ford engine and re-engineered the car to handle all the additional power. Weighing only 2,020 pounds, the Cobra easily vanquished sports cars from Jaguar, Chevrolet, Porsche, Aston Martin and others. With a $5,995 MSRP, a total of 655 “small block” Cobras were built from 1962-1965. The continuation Shelby Cobra can be fitted with a proper Ford small block drive train by a customer or dealer.

Interior GT

Light, nimble and reliable, the “street” small block Cobra combines iconic good looks with sharp handling and an amazing power to weight ratio. The roadsters incorporate safety and performance improvements without sacrificing originality. Almost Six decades after the first one was unveiled at the New York Auto Show, the Shelby Cobra is still capturing hearts.

Suspension GT

In 1996, it took to the streets as the CSX8000 continuation series Shelby Cobra. The Cobras retain the authentic style leaf spring suspension but are upgraded to contemporary standards. Each car is built to order with the customer choosing body color and stripe configuration; it is delivered as a rolling chassis, less drive train, with a 1962 MSO.

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In 1962 Carroll Shelby, one of America's greatest race car drivers began a new chapter in his storied career with the legendary Cobra sports car. A piece of of this sports car's "DNA" is part of every subsequent Shelby vehicle. Shelby built his first Cobra, using the new small block Ford engine, in a rented shop. An instant global sensation, it was featured on the cover of magazines with glowing reviews.

The lightweight, reliable and powerful roadster was pure American. Today's CSX8000 Series Cobra is modeled after that first car using the same original suspension and body lines.

With a few modern upgrades in materials and design for safety and performance improvements, the small block street Cobra is as thrilling to drive as the first cars built in the 1960s. Like the 289 FIA Cobra, it is available in aluminum or fiberglass bodies.


power and handling

Power and Handling

Pricing, options and availability subject to change without notice. Minimum 91 octane required in supercharged vehicles.

Equipment may void powertrain warranty. International customers should check for import restrictions.



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