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pricing and details

Fiberglass Body

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Engine & transmission not included
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Aluminum Body

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CSX6000 - 427 S/C Cobra

The most iconic sports car in history.

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  • • Shelby hand laid fiberglass
  • • Shelby hand formed aluminum

Chassis & Suspension

  • • 4-inch diameter DOM steel frame.
  • • Dual A-arm, coil-over shock, four wheel independent suspension.
  • • 1" x 11-7/16" OD disc, dual piston Shelby caliper, standard rear brakes.

Exterior & Interior

  • • Shelby vinyl, leather optional seats.
  • • Shelby custom black carpeting.
  • • 15" standard wheels.
  • (Tire sizes and specifications upon availability.)

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Wheels GT

The 427 FE engine became popular in the 1960s as the first power plant for the Big Block Cobra. Our 427 FE engines start with our Aluminum 427 block. Cast in California, these blocks are stronger and 40% lighter than the original cast iron blocks. We have plenty of configurations for you to choose from, ranging from 500-750 horsepower. These engines are the most popular choice for the Shelby CSX6000-series Cobras.

Interior GT

It's a true Shelby that, when equipped with a proper Ford 427, delivers the performance expected of genuine American supercar. It can go from 0-60 MPH under four seconds and run a 12 second quarter mile in the hands of an experienced driver.

Suspension GT

Independent Suspension
This cobra embraces the world's first computer designed chassis with Dual A-arm, four wheel coil-over independent suspension. The roadster has improvements while staying true to its originality. New improvements also include a stronger steel frame, better alloys and better cooling and heating.

youtube video


Aligned with lasers for perfection, a lot of tape, a fresh coat of paint and it's all ready to go! Watch the time lapse of this 427 Cobra come to life.

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The big block Shelby Cobra is considered by many to be the most iconic American sports car in history. When GM began to work on a new big block Corvette and Ferrari increased the power of the V12 powered GTO's, Shelby and Ford Motor Company decided to shoehorn the mighty 427 FE motor into the Cobra.

To fit the 427 into his Cobra, Carroll Shelby completely redesigned the frame, body and chassis. Shelby developed a new independent suspension, fortified the frame to handle the increase in torque and modified the body to fit bigger wheels and tires. We resumed production of the Cobra 427 S/C (originally as the CSX4000-series) in 1997 and they're available today in aluminum or fiberglass.


power and handling

Power and Handling

Pricing, options and availability subject to change without notice. Minimum 91 octane required in supercharged vehicles.

Equipment may void powertrain warranty. International customers should check for import restrictions.



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