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  • All GT500KR Mustangs for 2020-2022 have been reserved.

Package MSRP


  • Built on any titled 2020 to current Mustang GT500, FOB Las Vegas, Nevada
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2020-22 Shelby GT500KR



Performance Features

  • Shelby by Whipple Supercharger System
    • • 900+fwhp* 3.8L supercharger
    • • Black finish
    • • High volume supercharger intercooler
    • • High volume supercharger heat exchanger
    • • Open cold air intake system
  • • Shelby by Borla cat-back exhaust system
  • • Performance half-shafts
  • • Ride–height adjustable front and rear springs
  • • Shelby spec front and rear sway bars
  • • MagneRide® suspension recalibration
  • • Caster camber plates
  • • Shelby forged aluminum wheels
    • • One-piece 6061-T6 forged aluminum
    • • Brushed Aluminum or gloss black finish
    • • 20x11 front
    • • 20x11.5 rear
  • • Performance spec tires
  • • Extended and hardened wheel studs with Shelby spec lug nuts

Exterior and Interior features

  • • Shelby carbon fiber hood
    • • Dry carbon fiber construction
    • • Functional evacuation air vents
    • • Water managed rain trays
    • • Hood strut system
    • • "SHELBY" hood lock housing
  • • Carbon fiber front splitter
  • • Carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • • Carbon fiber Gurney flap (non-CFTP)
  • • Billet engine caps
  • • 60th Anniversary Badging (2022 MY only)
  • • Leather seat recovers
  • • Shelby rocker stripes
  • • CSM numbered engine and dash plate
  • • Embroidered floor mats


Vehicle is post-title-sales only. Pricing, options and availability subject to change without notice. FOB Las Vegas. Vehicle transportation is responsibility of the customer. Minimum 91 octane required in supercharged vehicles. HP ratings are climate adjusted based on use of 93-octane fuel. Fuel standards and octane rating may differ internationally. Power features void manufactures power train warranty. Only 2022 MY vehicles receive 60th anniversary badging. International customers should check for import restrictions). Only 2022 MY vehicles receive 60th anniversary badging. Shelby retains all take-off parts (CFTP wheels returned to customer at customer’s expense). SHELBY®, SHELBY GT®, GT500®, GT500KR®, SUPER SNAKE® and SHELBY AMERICAN™ are registered trademarks and/or the tradedress of Carroll Shelby and Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. (Shelby).

Optional Features

  • • Le Mans style over the top vinyl stripes
  • • Painted stripes
  • • Polished supercharger
  • • Harness bar with rear seat delete
  • • Aluminum coolant tank - Black



Wheels standout, are immediately identifiable and can sometimes make a look for a vehicle. The 2008-09 GT500KR wore iconic wheels. Any Mustang or performance car enthusiast saw those wheels and thought "Shelby". The Shelby team and partners worked diligently on a modern predecessor to those wheels befitting of the original. The stunning wheel captures everything about the original with a modern flair, while still improving on performance aspects. Built with lightweight, strong, one-piece 6061-T6 forged aluminum, the KR wheel is available in a brushed aluminum or gloss black finish.

Working closely with our partners from Whipple superchargers, an all new massive 3.8L supercharger was developed for the GT500 platform! The new supercharger boosts the capable 5.2-liter V8 to over 900 horsepower on 93 octane. The twin screw supercharger system is equipped with a larger throttle body, cold air intake, updated pulley system and innovated dual core dual pass intercooler. 

*50 state emissions legal, 91 octane minimum required.

Sitting on the nose of the GT500KR is a light-weight dry carbon fiber hood. Similar to the hood developed for the 2008-09 KR, the carbon fiber hood is fully functional and focuses on cooling the supercharged engine bay. Working with the team at Ford, the added side vents are located strategically to pull heat off of the exhaust manifold helping prevent heat soak maintaining optimum power. The vents are also water managed, with removable rain trays.


What does Shelby do

In 1968, the GT500 was getting some major improvements, namely the engine going to the new 428 Cobra Jet. In a meeting with Le Iacocca, Ford Division General Manager, Lee mentioned to Carroll that they had recently caught wind that Chevrolet was going to name their new Corvette the “King of the Road”. Carroll thought to himself that he always wanted to use that name and immediately called his trade dress lawyer, asking him to quickly find out if “King of the Road” was taken. Turns out it wasn’t, Carroll and his team immediately dubbed the new GT500 the GT500KR for “King of the Road” and successfully filed a trade dress for the name. A limited amount of GT500KRs were made in 1968 and are some of the most sought after collector Mustangs in existence.

The second coming of the GT500KR was revealed at the 2007 New York International Auto Show, two years after the standard GT500 was announced. The GT500KR boasted many performance upgrades including an additional 40 horsepower, new suspension, a state-of-the-art carbon fiber hood, Forged aluminum wheels and tires developed specially for the program. They were built at Shelby World Headquarters in Las Vegas in the Spring of 2008 and in 2009.

While celebrating Shelby American’s 60th anniversary and in tribute to the King of the Road Mustangs, Shelby American is building a limited number of GT500KR Mustangs on the 2020-2022 GT500s. The vehicles will feature a larger supercharger pushing more than 900 horsepower, a vented dry carbon fiber hood, one-piece forged mono-block wheels, Borla exhaust, improved suspension and a reworked interior.




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