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Featured Member - Dave Goldberg


Featured Member - Dave Goldberg

By Dave Goldberg

WHEN THE COMMERCIAL for the 2007 Shelby GT500 came out, I was hooked. That was the commercial where they took the car to Germany to the Autobahn because we did not have any roads here that could handle it.

I had always known about Shelby and the cars, but this was my first chance to really be able to get one. We purchased a 2007 Shelby GT500 that was White with Blue Stripes- just like the one in the commercial.

y to Las Vegas for the Shelby Bash in 2014. While we were there, the new Ford Mustang was unveiled at New York, NY hotel on the bridge on Las Vegas Blvd- it was stunning!

This is when it happened- as Shelby loved to say- “The next one…”

It was then I started making plans- this was going to be special…She started out as a custom order Mustang from Ford with 50th Anniversary trim, in Deep Impact Blue. I wanted something different- that was done by hand, and not off a manufacturing line which is why I chose the Shelby GT.

Then came the fun part- she was going to Shelby American in Vegas! The first product Shelby offered for the new Mustangs was the Shelby GT, so she was born. First trip was all the Carbon Fiber, suspension, badging and the CSM number. Second trip back was for the performance with 825HP and all the right stuff- built to Super Snake specs, while retaining the Shelby GT lineage- a true Sleeper Snake if you will.

Per Shelby American, there were only 16 2015 Shelby GT’s built. Going through the build list per Shelby, CSM#15SGT0010 truly is a one of one build.

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