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2024 w/ 830+ HP Starting At


Pricing based on 2024 MY vehicle
  • The Super Snake® Mustang is built on a Performance Pack Mustang GT. The MSRP price shown reflects a 401A, Performance Pack Mustang GT, equipped with Active Exhaust, Magneride and Red Brake Calipers. Base chassis pricing and configurations may vary
Build Your Super Snake


2024 Shelby Super Snake®

The 2024 Shelby Super Snake® is the pinnacle of our performance cars based on Ford's next generation S650 Mustang sports car.



  • • 830+ horsepower supercharger system
  • • Shelby extreme cooling system
    (radiator, heat exchanger)
  • • Shelby by Borla exhaust system
  • • Performance half shafts
  • • One-piece drive shaft (manual only)
  • • Short throw shifter (manual only)
  • • Hardened extended wheel studs
  • • Shelby suspension system
  • • 20” forged magnesium alloy wheels
  • • Shelby performance spec tires
  • • Shelby brake rotor upgrade

3 year / 36,000 mile Limited Warranty (Original Owner Only)
*Optional supercharger for POST-TITLE SALES ONLY*
*HP ratings based on use of 93-octane fuel*


  • • Shelby spec interior upgrade
  • • Embroidered floor mats
  • • Shelby shifter ball (manual only)
  • • Super Snake door sill plates
  • • Serialized dash plaque
  • • Serialized engine plaque
  • • Engine cap set
  • • Convertible light bar (convertible only)
  • • Cobra puddle lamps (if equipped)


  • • Aluminum Super Snake® hood
  • • Hood pin locks
  • • Carbon fiber hood extractors
  • • Carbon fiber Wide Body front fenders
  • • Front fender vents
  • • Wide Body front fascia assembly
    • • Upper, lower, outboard grilles
    • • Lower front splitter
    • • Front splitter supports
    • • Carbon fiber splitter wickers
  • • Side rocker assembly
  • • Carbon fiber rocker wickers
  • • Rear ducktail spoiler
  • • Carbon fiber Super Snake® rear wing (coupe only)
  • • Carbon fiber rear lower diffuser
  • • Super Snake® striping and badging
  • • Tinted windows (Per State Regulations)



What does Shelby do

Shelby's new Super Snake® Mustang ushers in a new era of automotive excitement, boasting a range of thrilling features designed to redefine performance for the next generation S650 Mustang. With a striking all-new look, this iteration of the Super Snake® stands out as the most engineered and driver-focused production model to date. Its heart-pounding performance is driven by an impressive 830+ horsepower supercharged V8 engine*, meticulously calibrated to deliver exhilarating power and performance.

Key features of the Super Snake® Mustang elevate its performance to new levels. The vehicle's focus on air management and cooling ensures optimal performance in even the most demanding driving conditions. Lightweight magnesium alloy wheels contribute to enhanced agility and responsiveness, while the use of advanced materials such as carbon fiber reduces weight and improves overall performance. With meticulous attention to detail, every aspect of the Super Snake's® design is crafted to maximize performance and driving enjoyment.

For enthusiasts eager to experience the thrill of owning a Super Snake® Mustang, act quickly as production will be limited to just 250 units in the United States, with limited availability worldwide for the 2024 model year.



830+ HP Whipple Charged Gen4 Coyote 5.0

The Gen 4 Ford Coyote 5.0 motor, coupled with a 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger, is a formidable powerhouse, delivering an astonishing 830+ horsepower. This combination represents the pinnacle of modern engineering, seamlessly blending Ford's renowned Coyote platform with Whipple's cutting-edge forced induction technology. The result is a symphony of performance, where raw power meets precision craftsmanship.

With each throttle application, the engine unleashes an exhilarating surge of acceleration, effortlessly propelling any vehicle it's installed in to new heights of speed and excitement. Beyond its staggering output, this setup embodies reliability and drivability, ensuring that the thrill of its performance is matched by its usability on both the street and the track. In the realm of high-performance automotive engineering, the Gen 4 Ford Coyote 5.0 with a 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger stands as a true testament to the pursuit of automotive excellence.



Forged Magnesium Wheels

The new magnesium alloy wheels on the Super Snake Mustang represent the culmination of 15 years of meticulous development, resulting in a proprietary alloy that outperforms any aluminum wheel on the market today. MP wheels powered by BlueTech Global's engineering, were designed to meet both OEM and racing specifications. These wheels leverage magnesium's highest strength-to-weight ratio among commonly available metals. The rotational mass reduction achieved with these wheels is remarkable, with a 1 to 5 ratio, meaning every pound saved below the suspension equates to a significant reduction in overall vehicle mass. Specifically, the Super Snake's wheels, were engineered to reduce vehicle mass by 36.75 pounds (approximately 9 pounds per corner), translating to a remarkable 180-pound reduction in rotational mass. This reduction in mass yields tangible benefits, including faster acceleration, improved cornering ability, and shorter braking distances, providing drivers with an exhilarating and dynamic driving experience.

Furthermore, the proprietary alloy used in these magnesium wheels was specifically designed to enhance both luxury and performance. Magnesium's unique ability to transform vibrations into heat results in a smoother driving experience for the driver, minimizing discomfort and fatigue during extended drives. Additionally, magnesium's superior heat dissipation properties ensure that the full benefits of the vehicle's chassis system are realized, optimizing performance and handling in all driving conditions. In essence, the magnesium alloy wheels on the Super Snake Mustang represent a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology, performance engineering, and luxury craftsmanship, elevating the driving experience to new levels of excellence.



Shelby Customized Interior

The interior of the 2024 Shelby Super Snake is a blend of luxury and performance, meticulously designed to immerse drivers in the thrill of the ride. Featuring all-leather seat recovers with Alcantara leather accents, the cabin offers both comfort and a firm grip, ensuring a connected driving experience. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shelby design elements, such as snake scales and super snake stripes, the interior exudes a sense of heritage and exclusivity.

Complementing the premium materials are thoughtful details like embordered Shelby floormats and a serialized dash plaque, underscoring the car's prestigious lineage. Manual transmission variants receive a special touch with a unique Shelby shifter ball, enhancing the tactile feedback during gear changes. Additionally, custom puddle lamps illuminate the ground upon entry and exit, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall ambiance.



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Shelby Super Snake Unveiled: Dynamic Performance Meets Custom Color Options

The unveiling of the new Shelby Super Snake has stirred excitement among automotive enthusiasts, not only for its blistering performance but also for its array of captivating color options. Available in both coupe and convertible variants, this iconic American muscle car offers six distinct color choices, each designed to command attention on the road. From the sleek sophistication of Shadow Black to the bold presence of Race Red, these options cater to a spectrum of tastes, ensuring that every owner can find the perfect hue to reflect their personality and style.

In addition to the primary colors, the Shelby Super Snake provides further customization with four unique stripe color options. Whether opting for the classic contrast of White stripes against a deep hue or the striking vibrancy of Velocity Blue, drivers have the opportunity to elevate the visual impact of their Super Snake to an entirely new level. These stripe options not only add a touch of personalization but also pay homage to the rich heritage of Shelby performance vehicles, harkening back to the iconic racing stripes that have adorned legendary models for decades.

The combination of six base colors and four stripe options offers an unparalleled level of customization, allowing enthusiasts to create a Shelby Super Snake that truly stands out from the crowd. Whether cruising the open highway or tearing up the track, these striking color combinations ensure that the Super Snake commands attention wherever it goes, reaffirming its status as a true icon of American automotive engineering and design.




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