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Frequently Asked Registry Questions



How do I register my Shelby?

  • • You’ll need to have a account. If you don’t have one you can make one HERE.
  • • After logging in you can register your Shelby in the Registry HERE.

I put my vin number in and it’s telling me “Not a valid number, please check the number and try again.”

  • Please double check, most vin numbers show upper case letters only. The vin checker is not case sensitive.
  • If still having problems, you can contact the Registry at the form located HERE with the vin you are having issues with.

How can I add-to my existing Registry Entry?

  • You may add a note to your registered vehicle by clicking on the notes section in your registered vehicle in your user profile.

Where are my comments from the previous Registry? I had notes attached to my previous registry, where are they?

  • All comments made in the older version of the registry remain, however they are not visible to users at this time.

Can I view another owners Registry entry?

  • At the time being, you cannot look at another owners registered vehicle.

There is an error to my entry, how do I correct the error?

  • If you have made an error and the VIN number was accepted, you can contact the Registry at the form located HERE with the VIN you are having issues with.

My question isn’t answered here, how do I contact the Registry?

  • If you feel you entered in a Note or an incorrect vin number, please fill the form HERE explaining your issue.

Why can’t I see the notes I submitted. How do I know that you got it?

  • Currently we do not have these notes visible to users. We are building that functionality currently. We plan to have more of these notes visible to owners in the future.

I registered my car in the old system, why do I need to register it again?

  • Due to consolidating the Registry with, we need to tie registered vehicles to user accounts. None of the previous information submitted has been lost.


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