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Engine & transmission not included

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Engine & transmission not included

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Alloy Standard Wheels


Original body and chassis since


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Availability In

  • • Shelby hand laid fiberglass
  • • Shelby hand formed aluminum

Chassis / Suspension

  • • 3-inch diameter DOM steel frame.
  • • Upper transverse leaf with lower arms, independent front and rear suspension.
  • • 1" x 11-7/16" OD disc, dual piston Shelby caliper, standard front brakes
  • • 3/4 x 11-7/16" OD disc, dual piston Shelby caliper, standard rear brakes.

Interior / Exterior

  • • Shelby vinyl, leather optional seats.
  • • Shelby custom black carpeting.
  • • 15" alloy standard wheels.
    (Tires sizes and specifications based on availability.)

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CSX7000 - 289 FIA COBRA

This car dominated tracks throughout the 1960s,

beating Jaguar, Corvette, Aston Martin and Ferrari on the tight road courses.


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289 Small Block Engine

Carroll Shelby planned to race his cars before he built the first Cobra, which is why competition principles guided the design of that 1962 prototype. Actual racing continued to refine the small block Ford powered roadster, which was campaigned internationally during the 1964 season. Shelby almost took the crown that year until Ferrari engineered a backroom deal that cancelled the last race, one where the Cobras would have won the championship.

The next year, the small block Daytona Coupe fastback and 289 FIA roadster versions of the Cobra returned with a vengeance. They dominated and won the 1965 FIA sports car World Championship.

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The CSX7000 (289 FIA) is an authentic continuation of the Shelby Cobra 289 race cars built and campaigned in the ‘60s. And while the CSX7000 incorporates safety and performance improvements, there is no minimization of driving excitement or originality.

From the analog gauges to the original style bucket seats and integrated roll bar, this Cobra is all business. Every sensation behind the wheel is an authentic slice of 1960s racing. With the customer installed engine pushing to its redline and the road disappearing beneath, a Cobra owner is at one with both the Shelby and its history.

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Independent Front and Rear Suspension

The suspension is essentially identical to that which underpinned the 289 Cobra through the mid-‘60s. It is the same front and rear suspension that carried legends like Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, Bob Bondurant and Phil Hill into victory circle. Nimble and responsive, the rack and pinion steering offers functionality that reflects an earlier era, with no synthetic buffer between the driver and the machine.

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From the inception of the small block Cobra, Carroll Shelby intended to build a race version of his lightweight roadster; its ultimate iteration was the 289 FIA roadster. While the original Cobra’s lithe athleticism remains evident, the 289 FIA – with a widened track and wider, racing-specific rubber – adds a heightened muscularity to the race car’s quicker acceleration and tenacious grip.

The 289 FIA Cobra car dominated tracks throughout the 1960s, defeating Jaguar, Corvette, Aston and Ferrari on the tight road courses. While a fastback version – the Daytona coupe – was created for high speed European tracks, the reliable small block roadsters also helped win North American races and the 1965 FIA Manufacturer's Championship. It was the competitive foundation on which the Shelby legend was built.

Available in fiberglass and aluminum, the current line of 289 FIA Cobras are built with the same body and chassis as in 1964 with a few components updated for safety and reliability.

power and handling

Power and Handling

Pricing, options and availability subject to change without notice. Minimum 91 octane required in supercharged vehicles.

Equipment may void powertrain warranty. International customers should check for import restrictions.


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